Florida Boat Manufacturers: Crafted in Paradise

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What do you know about Florida Boat Manufacturers?

Most anglers know Florida as the boating capital of the United States, and possibly the world.

What many boaters don’t realize is how many of their favorite boat brands are built right here in the Sunshine State!

With the gentle caress of ocean breezes and the sparkle of sun-kissed waters serving as the backdrop for the creation of many extraordinary vessels, Florida leads the nation in boat manufacturing.

Nestled along the state’s picturesque marine coastline, scores of leading boat builders create and innovate in the boat-building space creating marine marvels that further the advancement of boating technology.

With a legacy that is rooted in the deep maritime history of the state, Florida boat manufacturers weave together innovation, artistry and a love of the sea to create vessels that epitomize excellence.

Picture yourself at the helm of a custom-built, high-performance boat skipping over the calm seas on a day off the Florida Keys. Feel the thrill as you throttle up an agile sports fisherman as it makes its way out of the Haulover Inlet. Or, imagine soaking up the rays aboard a magnificent motor yacht as you indulge in luxurious appointments.

Every style of boat you could imagine is built right here under the sunny skies in the State of Florida by experienced Florida Boat Manufacturers.

As we embark on our journey of some of the leading boat craftsmen in the Sunshine State, we list twenty of the top manufacturers for our readers to enjoy.

From the bustling shipyards of Miami to the more secluded builders in places like Stuart, each company has a rich maritime history that is a legacy for each boat that they create.

If you’re in the market for a new boat, be sure to use a trusted yacht broker who knows their stuff.

Our choice and recommendation for our boaters is Captain Mike Swartz based out of Stuart, Florida. A long-time boat industry veteran with extensive experience out of Allied Marine Yacht Sales.

We hope you enjoy this list of Florida Boat Builders!

Boston Whaler

First up on our list of Florida Boat Manufacturers is Boston Whaler.

Boston Whaler is a renowned boat manufacturer that is known for manufacturing unsinkable boats.

Whalers have a history and reputation for safety, durability and innovative marine design.

As the name suggests, Boston Whaler was formed in Braintree, Massachusetts in 1958 by Richard T. Fisher. Mr Fisher was one of the pioneers of fiberglass boat manufacturing and is in the Hall of Fame of the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

In the early 60’s the Boston Whaler company gained recognition for its revolutionary design of the “Unsinkable Legend” hull.

This featured a foam-filled construction that made the Boston Whaler virtually unsinkable.

Early advertisements showed a boat still in operation with an operator holding the throttle on an outboard while the front end of the Whaler was cut off.

In 1961, Boston Whaler introduced the 13′ Boston Whaler, which became an instant classic in the boating world.

Today, the brand is headquartered and manufactured out of Edgewater, Florida.

To this day, the brand continues to create top-of-the-line marine vessels that focus on safety, reliability and durability.

Their commitment to crafting unsinkable boats that deliver absolutely unforgettable experiences on the water has made them an iconic and well-respected brand in Florida and throughout the international boating community.


100 Whaler Way
Edgewater, FL 32141





Contender Boats

Next up on our list of Florida Boat Manufacturers is Contender Boats.

Contender Boats is another renowned boat builder that originates from the South of Miami in Homestead, Florida.

Known for their exceptional craftsmanship in their performance center console fishing boats, Contender Boats has established itself over the past three decades as a force in the boating industry.

Founded in 1984 in Homestead, Florida, the company began operations as a small-scale custom sportfishing boat builder.

In the early years of their business, Contender Boats introduced their deep-V hull design which provided a superior ride and industry-leading stability for anglers in rough offshore conditions.

This revolutionary design, combined with powerful engines, and quality craftmanship quickly earned a loyal following among anglers and offshore enthusiasts.

To this day, Contender Boats’ mission centers around providing anglers with the ultimate fishing experience while tackling the challenges of offshore waters.

Their models still feature the classic deep-V hull design with spacious decks, easy fishing access, ample storage and layouts that cater to the specific needs of anglers.

Contender Boats continued dedication to craftsmanship, innovation and customer satisfaction has solidified their position as a reputable branding boating, making them a leader in Florida Boat Manufacturers.


1820 SE 38th Ave.
Homestead, FL 33035


(305) 230-1600



Pursuit Boats

While not originally from Florida, the next manufacturer on our list has since relocated to the Sunny shores of Ft. Pierce.

We’re talking about Pursuit Boats, a leader in luxury offshore fishing and cruising vessels.

Tracing its roots back to 1977, founder Leon Slikkers started Pursuit Boats in Holland, Michigan.

Slikkers had a formidable background in the boat-building industry, having started his career with Chris Craft, and having founded the successful Tiara Yachts brand, among other notable achievements.

Pursuit Boats was originally started as a separate division that aimed to build boats that combined luxury, performance and functionality.

In 2001, Pursuit Boats opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Fort Pierce, Florida, solidifying itself as a top manufacturer in the Florida boat industry.

Pursuit Boats is known for building top-quality performance vessels that include center console fishing boats, dual console boats, offshore boats and sport boats.

These quality vessels are a great option for families looking to get on the water, as well as anglers who need a quality option for fishing.

Pursuit also focuses on innovation, incorporating the latest advancements in marine technology into their vessels.

If you’re looking for a family-oriented boating solution, Pursuit might just be your ticket!


3901 Saint Lucie Boulevard
Fort Pierce, FL, 34946, US





Jupiter Marine International

Next up is Jupiter Marine International, better known as Jupiter Marine, or just Jupiter, as their memorable logo relates.

Jupiter is a well-known and highly regarded manufacturer of high-performance offshore fishing vessels.

Established in the late 80’s in its namesake city of Jupiter, Florida, Jupiter Marine has been focused on exceptional craftmanship, and seaworthiness since its inception.

Founder Carl Herndon, former president of Bertram Yacht and the founder/CEO of Blackfin Yacht Corporation, possessed the rare combination of a background in boat building and a passion for offshore fishing that he brought together to create boats that could stand up to the rough conditions of Florida’s Gulfstream.

Now Manufactured in Palmetto, Florida produces a robust line of these true to their roots performance offshore fishing machines.

Top models at Jupiter Marine currently range from 30-43 feet featuring a commitment to fishabiility and guest comfort.

Jupiter boats are crafted with attention to detail, combining functionality and comfort for a top-of-the-line fishing and cruising experience.




(941) 729-5000



Intrepid Powerboats

The next boat builder making waves on our list of Florida Boat Manufacturers is Intrepid Powerboats.

Intrepid focuses on providing luxury, customizable boats that are built to meet new owner personalization and customization.

Founded in 1983 by John Michel, Intrepid was created to offer unmatched performance, comfort and customizable options.

The company is based in Largo, Florida and pushes the boundaries in boat design by melding advanced technologies and engineering techniques.

With a large catalog of available models, the Intrepid brand provides owners with the ability to collaborate on the design process to help create very personalized vessels that are then custom-built.

Some of the top Intrepid Models include the 30′ Nomad, 51 Panacea, and the new 41 Valor.

With 40 years of boat-building experience under their belt, the Intrepid brand is a great option for families looking to build a custom, high-performance boat with attention to detail and personalization at the forefront of requests.

Address (Dania Sales):

805 NE 3rd Street Dania, FL 33004





Yellowfin Yachts

Next up on our list is another performance fishing boat manufacturer that comes to anglers straight from the Sunshine State.

Founded by Wylie Nagler in Sarasota, Florida back in 1998, Yellowfin has been a leader in the center console fishing machine industry for the past two decades.

Yellowfin first made waves in the industry by gaining attention and recognition from serious offshore anglers who had their expectations exceeded on the water.

Another great builder that harmonizes technology and innovation, Yellofin strives to build the highest quality construction center console fishing boats.

With a variety of models, Yellowfin offers anglers a multitude of choices in boat style and options.

Featuring either center console or walkaround functionality, the Yellowfin brand prioritizes the custom experience to help create lasting relationships with owners.

As another custom boat builder, like most on our list, Yellowfin puts the power in the hands of the customer to create a boat that is an extension of their saltwater lifestyle.

Check em out!


6510 19th St E, Sarasota, FL 34243





Everglades Boats

The next Florida Boat Manufacturer on our breakdown is Everglades Boats.

Everglades was founded in Florida back in 1997 by inventor and entrepreneur Robert J Dougherty.

Dougherty sought to put his boat design and construction knowledge to the test to create a new standard in offshore fishing boats.

Their vessels feature the RAMCAP construction process that uses a high-density foam core that is pre-molded to fit exactly between the hull and liner of the boat.

This provides a smooth ride, plus the peace of mind that comes with a full lifetime hull warranty.

Originally a center console specialist, Everglades have branched into much bigger vessels that feature larger walkaround center consoles, dual consoles and bay boats.

Their models start in the 25-foot range and go up to their flagship 455cc.

With a mission centered around quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, it’s easy to see why Everglades is one of Florida’s leading boat builders.


544 Air Park Rd.
Edgewater, FL 32132


(386) 409-2202



Midnight Express Boats

Midnight Express Boats is the next great Florida Boat Builder on our list.

Midnight Express creates high-performance center console fishing boats that have a certain aesthetic featuring very sleek lines and luxurious finishes.

Founded in the late 1990’s in Miami by Harris Glazer, and his son Stephen Glazer, these powerful, imposing fishing vessels have a flair that is completely theirs alone.

Featuring models from 34′ to 60′, Midnight Express pushes the boundaries with opulent appointments and powerful engine options.

Today, the business is still family owned and operated with a very hands-on approach to helping their boaters find and build the best-fit vessel to fit their unique life.

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd with a modern aesthetic in a beamy center console, Midnight Express might be your harbor.


351 NE 185TH ST. Miami, FL 33179






Marlow Yachts

Our next Florida-based yacht Builder takes us a step up from center console fishing boats and into the world of luxury custom yachts.

Marlow Yachts makes top-quality Pilothouse and Ocean-going yachts that are fit with the highest quality features and finishes.

Founded by industry veteran David Marlow in 2000 in Palmetto, Florida, the Marlow Yacht brand has been committed to crafting yachts that exemplify the perfect blend of form and function.

The timeless elegance of a Marlow Yacht is both captivating and innovative in its design.

Today, Marlow produces a robust line of custom luxury yachts that include Explorer versions in lengths of 58′ and 72′, as well as the Marlow 100 Voyager which is a true expedition yacht.

Marlow Yacht interiors showcase a blend of exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

If you’re one of those boaters in the market for a real ocean-going ship, Florida-born Marlow Yachts is a choice that should not be overlooked.


4204 13th Street Court West
Palmetto FL 34221-5705


(941) 729-3370



Merritt Boat Works

The next builder on our list is really boat-building royalty.

Merritt Boat Works is one of the most legendary ship-building operations in Florida.

Started in 1948 by Franklin & Ennis Merritt in Pompano Beach, Florida, Merrit is one of a handful of builders at the pinnacle of luxury sportfishing.

Franklin Merritt, a skilled boatbuilder and passionate angler originally set out to build sportfishing yachts that would set the standard in performance and craftsmanship.

Over the decades the Merritt brand has now become synonymous with meticulously crafted luxury fishing machines that leave no stone unturned.

Today, Merritt offers a full range of completely custom builds for anglers who are looking to take their sport fishing to the next level.


2931 N.E. 16th Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33062


(954) 943-6250



Rybovich Yachts

Next up on our list of respected Florida Yacht Builders is Rybovich Yachts, today known as Michael Rybovich and Sons.

Rybovich, like Merrit Boat Works, is one of the most respected yacht builders in the world and a testament to Florida Sportfishing.

Founded in 1919 by John Rybovich Sr. in West Palm Beach, Rybovich has been a fixture in the Palm Beach Boatbuilding World since it began over 100 years ago.

Rybovich create top-end, luxury sportfishing yachts that are the true definition of fishing machines.

Over the generations, new members of the Rybovich family have taken the helm to lead the Rybovich boatyard to new heights.

Rybovich offers a range of absolutely custom sportfishing yachts, each one tailored to the specific desires and requests of their esteemed clientele.

Every detail of a Rybovich Yacht is addressed with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Their dedication to quality, attention to detail, and personalized customer service have made Rybovich a preferred choice for elite boat owners who seek the pinnacle of custom sportfishing yachts.


2175 Idlewild Rd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410





Lazzara Yachts

Next up on our list of Florida Boat Manufacturers is a West coast Florida Born Yacht builder that specializes in luxury sport yachts, motor yachts and power catamarans.

Lazzara Yachts has long been a big player in the Florida Yacht scene.

Lazzara traces its roots back to 1955 when Vince Lazzara founded Gulfstar Yachts, a famous sailboat manufacturer. In the 1980’s, Vince Lazzara and his team shifted gears and focused more exclusively on motor yachts.

Since then, Lazzara has become one of Florida, and the world’s, leading builders of luxury yacht manufacturing.

Much of Lazzara’s design focuses on modern aesthetics, sleek profiles and a sporty contemporary style.

Based out of Tampa, where it was founded, Lazzara provides top-end yacht building for discerning clientele who are looking for a top-end yacht design.


501 South Dakota Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33606





Maverick Boats

As we continue on our list of Florida Boat Manufacturers, we take a step back from the larger luxury yachts and introduce a boat builder who is synonymous with Florida Back Country fishing.

Maverick Boats has long been a leader in the space of flats and backcountry fishing for professional anglers who need advanced technical poling skiffs.

These boats are crafted specifically for the unique purpose of being silent hunters on the flats, shallows and nearshore waters that surround Florida’s bays, estuaries and tropical islands.

Founded in 1984 by Scott Deal and Larry Martin in Fort Pierce, Florida, Maverick started exclusively as a flats and backcountry boat manufacturer.

In the years since its inception, Maverick has branched out to create bay and offshore fishing boats as well.

Each boat is crafted with meticulous craftsmanship by skilled craftsmen who use the finest materials to create features like modified v-hulls, stepped transoms, and advanced hull designs.

Their commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction have long made Maverick a trusted choice for anglers.


3207 Industrial 29th Street
Fort Pierce, FL 34946


(772) 465-0631



Albury Brothers Boats

The final boat builder on our list is a Florida company that has its roots in the Bahamas. Albury Brothers Boats manufactures high-quality runabouts and skiffs from 18 – 33′. The Albury family has built boats in Man O’War Cay, Abaco for generations. In the early 1950’s Willard Albury designed an produced sea kindly outboat runabouts and skiffs. Today, Jamie Albury continues to build these boats in Man O’War Cay. However, in 2003 Albury brought their operation to the United States and manufactures some of their models here in the Sunshine State in Riviera Beach. Albury Brothers boats are known for their maneuverability, seaworthiness and hull design which make them popular with professional anglers and recreational captains. These custom boats continue to be a popular choice among anglers and boaters looking for a well-crafted vessel that can simply do it all on the water.


1401 Broadway Riviera Beach, Florida 33404


(561) 863-7006



Final Thoughts on Florida Boat Manufacturers

As we wrap up our list of the top Florida Boat Manufacturers, it’s easy to see why Florida stands as the boating capital of the US.

From renowned brands like Boston Whaler, Contender and Pursuit to more niche builders like Rybovich, Midnight Express, and Albury Brothers, the Sunshine State boasts a rich history of boat-building expertise.

The history of Florida Boat Manufacturing is both long and storied and has helped to shape the experience of Florida as one of the World’s leading places for boating.

Whether it’s fishing boats, luxury yachts, flats boats, or cruising vessels, Florida Boat Manufacturers bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and superior craftsmanship to the table for each and every build.

Whether you’re chasing bonefish on the flats off Islamorada, chilling in Lake Boca, or headed to the Gulf Stream in search of your next big catch, a boat builder in Florida can help you achieve your goals in the perfect boat for your saltwater life.

And remember, if you’re in the market for a new boat, be sure to use a trusted yacht broker who knows their stuff.

Our choice and recommendation for our boaters is Captain Mike Swartz based out of Stuart, Florida. A long-time boat industry veteran with extensive experience out of Allied Marine Yacht Sales.

We hope you enjoyed this list of Florida Boat Builders!


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