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50+ Custom Products

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Featuring your Unique Boat Artwork

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No Minimum Orders on your Custom Merch

Personalized Customer Service & Support from real Boaters like you!

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Looking for Free Shipping on your Custom Gear? Try our Amazon Fulfillment Solution!

At Custom Yacht Shirts, we are the only custom boat company to offer our boaters an Amazon fulfillment solution for their custom products.

Our Amazon fulfillment process provides boaters with absolutely free shipping with your existing Amazon Prime account, as well as free returns on any damaged or misprint apparel.

Just another reason to love Custom Yacht Shirts for your custom gear!

Please note that our Amazon solution is only available to eligible boaters whose boat name meets trademark eligibility requirements.

For more information, check out our Amazon fulfillment options for your custom gear!

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About Custom Boat Gear from Custom Yacht Shirts

Custom Yacht Shirts specializes in a wide range of personalized maritime apparel and accessories, designed to enhance your boating experience with style, comfort, and a personal touch.

Each product category we offer is carefully tailored to meet the needs of boaters, from casual cruisers to professional yacht crews, ensuring quality and satisfaction. Here’s a deep dive into what Custom Yacht Shirts offers for those looking to elevate their sea life in terms of gear and apparel.

Custom Boat Performance and Dri-fit Apparel

For boaters who face the relentless sun and sea, the custom boat performance and Drifit apparel from Custom Yacht Shirts offer the perfect solution.

These garments are designed with high-tech fabrics that wick moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable during active use. The performance apparel includes options like Drifit polos, performance t-shirts, and long-sleeved shirts that provide UV protection to safeguard skin from harmful rays.

Customizable features allow for the addition of yacht club logos, boat names, and other maritime motifs via advanced printing and embroidery technologies that ensure vibrant colors and designs that endure the harsh marine environment. This apparel is not only functional but also enhances team spirit and uniformity among crew members, making it ideal for regattas, fishing trips, or simply enjoying a day out on the water for your family and friends.

Custom Boat Cotton Apparel

For those who prefer the timeless comfort and natural feel of cotton, Custom Yacht Shirts presents a variety of custom boat cotton apparel. This classic option includes everything from soft cotton t-shirts to elegant polos and hoodies, all customizable to reflect the individual style or branding of any boat or crew with your personalized custom boat artwork. Cotton apparel is perfect for casual wear, crew uniforms, and special events at sea and in the marina back at the dock.

The cotton used in these garments is of the highest quality to resist wear and tear while providing a comfortable, breathable fit. Whether it’s for a day on the deck or an evening at the yacht club, these cotton pieces offer both comfort and class, with the added benefit of custom embroidery and print options to showcase the identity of the boat or yacht club distinctly.

Some of our cotton products feature heather versions and other options that provide cotton blends that are lightweight and soft.

Custom Boat Jackets and Windbreakers

Navigating through cooler climates or breezy waters requires robust outerwear, and the custom boat jackets and windbreakers from Custom Yacht Shirts deliver just that. Designed to withstand the elements, these jackets come in various styles, including insulated jackets for cold weather and lightweight windbreakers for milder conditions.

Features like water-resistant fabrics, adjustable cuffs, and fleece-lined pockets enhance functionality, while custom options bring in a personal touch through embroidered boat names and logos. These jackets not only provide comfort and protection but also promote a unified look for crew members, essential during seasonal regattas or social gatherings on and off the boat.

Custom Boat Drinkware

Custom Yacht Shirts extends its custom offerings to include boat drinkware, which is as stylish as it is functional. This range features high-quality, durable items such as insulated tumblers, water bottles, and ceramic mugs, all customizable with laser engraving or printing to feature maritime designs, boat names, or club logos.

Perfect for keeping drinks at the desired temperature, whether hot coffee during early morning starts or cold beverages on hot sailing days, this drinkware is a must-have for any sailor wanting to add a personal and practical touch to their seafaring adventures.

Custom Boat Accessories

Beyond apparel, Custom Yacht Shirts offers a plethora of custom boat accessories that cater to the practicalities and aesthetics of boat life. From custom towels for when you’re getting out of the water, personalized blankets for comfort, embroidered bags and totes for convenience, each product is designed with the boater in mind.

These accessories are not only practical but also serve as great mementos or gifts for boat enthusiasts. Customizable with unique designs and logos, they help to strengthen the identity of the boat or crew, making them perfect for branding while also being genuinely useful onboard or ashore.

Custom Boat Canvas Artwork Reproductions

One of the most unique offerings from Custom Yacht Shirts is our custom boat canvas artwork reproductions. Clients can have photographs of their own vessels transformed into stunning pieces of art, printed on high-quality canvas. This service allows boat owners to showcase their pride and joy not just at sea but also as a part of their home or office decor in hang-ready wrapped canvas.

The reproduction process captures the essence and details of the boat, with options to adjust the size and frame type to suit any space. Whether it’s a dramatic sunset behind the yacht or a calm day in the bay, these canvas prints make for eye-catching displays that bring maritime pleasure into any room.

In conclusion, Custom Yacht Shirts provides an extensive array of products that combine functionality with personalization, designed specifically for maritime life. Whether it’s apparel, drinkware, accessories, or decorative artwork, each item promises quality and satisfaction, making Custom Yacht Shirts a comprehensive provider for all custom boating needs.

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Explore some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Or, Contact us today with your questions!

What do you mean by no minimum orders?

Unlike normal screen printing productions, we do not require minimum orders of each product type for your custom yacht apparel. Order any number of your custom gear, from 1 t-shirt to 1,000 popsockets, easily and on-demand.

Where can I see the colors of apparel that you offer?

For live examples of colors and styles included in each of our products, please have a look at any specific product page for more information about available colors currently available for specific pieces of apparel.


Do you provide front and back printing?

Absolutely. In typical orders that require front and back printing, we use a small front pocket print, with a replicated large design on the back of the t-shirt. Printing on front and back increases the price of each of our products by $5.00 per item. For custom orders, please make note in the checkout process, or simply contact us for personalized assistance.

I'm having a problem submitting my files to you...can you help?

Absolutely! If you have any problems uploading your files to us in our checkout process, please contact us today on our website, or call 561-203-5756

What type of photograph do you need of my yacht?

If you will be using our service to convert your yacht photograph to digital art, we will need a side-view or angled-front view of your yacht. Preferably, please provide images without people or additional clutter on your boat. The photo you provide will be the basis of your order and the art we create will be based around the art provided by you in the ordering process.

Do you offer Free Shipping? What about Returns?

At Custom Yacht Shirts, the products fulfilled by us are custom. Because of the custom nature of your products we cannot offer refunds or returns of any nature. We will work with customers on refunds for any damaged goods.


We do however offer an fulfillment option for qualifying boaters. With this option, use your existing Prime™ account for Free Shipping and Returns on orders of any of your custom yacht gear fulfilled via our Amazon option.

For more information, please see our Amazon Fulfillment Page for more.

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