Photo & Art Guidelines

Making the most of your Custom Yacht Gear.

At Custom Yacht Shirts, we want to help make the most of your existing art or photo used in your yacht art conversion.

Explore some of our guidelines and technical information related to your custom yacht shirt order and the content that you submit to us for use in your custom order.


Maximum 10MB per Image

Your existing yacht art or photo of your yacht will need to be under the 10mb limit for our system to upload your content effectively. Please confirm prior to upload in our checkout process.


jpg, png, pdf, eps, psd, or tiff

We do not accept all file types. Please submit your art in one of the following formats, or contact us if you only have art in a format not listed here for customized support. 


300 DPI File Resolution

Existing Yacht Art needs to be submitted in a minimum 300 dpi file resolution. If you are using us to convert a photograph of your yacht to digital art, please provide the largest format possible for your yacht photo file resolution.


Allow your file to upload completely

When uploading your order content in our shopping cart, please allow the system up to two minutes fully upload your files to ensure delivery of content for your order. 


No Docks or Pilings Obstructing Yacht View

Make sure that any submitted photographs provide a clear view of your vessel without docking or pilings to obstruct the conversion of your yacht to digital line art. 


No people in your photographs

In order for our graphic artists to best convert your yacht photo into vector line art, we recommend that any photograph of your yacht limit the instance of people in the frame so that you receive an accurate conversion of your yacht’s marine engineering. 


Motors in running position

In order to provide an accurate conversion of your yacht, if the boat has outboard motors, please place the motors in the down/running position.

No copyrighted material allowed

At Custom Yacht Shirts, we do not print any custom yacht material that contains existing copyrighted content in any fashion. Please review our Terms of Service for more information. 

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