Boat Photo Guidelines

Looking for stellar results with your custom boat art?

Maximize your custom boat artwork with a perfect boat photo.

How can you choose the Perfect Boat Photo?

At Custom Yacht Shirts, we want to help you create the best quality custom boat artwork. 

The process begins with selecting the best boat photo as the basis of your artwork. Here’s a few ways you can help find the best photo for your boat.

Choose a Boat Photo that is Sharp and Clear

Our artists work hard to create an accurate marine drawing of your favorite vessel. But they can’t professionally trace your boat photo if it is blurry, fuzzy or very small. Be sure your chosen boat photo is crystal clear so that our team of experienced artists can capture all of the unique aspects of your boat.

A crystal clear image of a boat that is good for custom boat artwork.
IMage of a yacht that is blurry and not good for custom boat art.

Choose a Boat Photo that shows your boat from its best perspective!

The perspective that is shown in your chosen boat photo is how your artwork will look in the end result of the artwork. Our artists cannot change the perspective of your boat to show a different angle as the artwork we create is based off of and traced from your submitted photo. Make sure the photo you choose shows your boat from the perspective that you wish to see your boat in your completed artwork.

A crystal clear image of a boat that is good for custom boat artwork.
IMage of a yacht that is blurry and not good for custom boat art.

Steer clear of docks and pilings!

Just like on the water, be sure to choose a boat photo that navigates away from docks and pilings. The more our artists can see of your boat, the more accurately we can draw your completed artwork, providing you with a better, more accurate result.

Example of a boat photo clear of docks and pilings best for custom boat art.
Boat photo with docking blocking the port side of the boat.

Make sure your boat is completely visible

When selecting your photo, make sure that your entire boat is clearly visible in the photo. We cannot add elements to your boat artwork that do not exist in your photo, so be sure to choose a photo that shows the full length of your boat from bow to stern. 

Example of a boat photo that contains the entire length of the boat in the photo.
Example that shows only part of boat visible in boat photo. Not good for custom boat artwork.

Make sure your boat fills the photo. Don't use photos where you boat is shown tiny in the distance.

Our goal is to capture all the minute details of your unique vessel. To do that effectively, your boat photo must clearly show your boat in the full frame of the photo. Photos where your boat is in the background or small and far away aren’t best for the custom boat arto process. 

Example of a good boat photo with respect to distance away.
Example of a boat photo that is too far away.

Maximum 10MB per Image

Your existing yacht art or photo of your yacht will need to be under the 10mb limit for our system to upload your content effectively. Please confirm prior to upload in our checkout process.

jpg, png, pdf, eps, psd, or tiff

We do not accept all file types. Please submit your art in one of the following formats, or contact us if you only have art in a format not listed here for customized support.

300 DPI File Resolution

Existing Yacht Art needs to be submitted in a minimum 300 dpi file resolution. If you are using us to convert a photograph of your yacht to digital art, please provide the largest format possible for your yacht photo file resolution.

Allow your file to upload completely

When uploading your order content in our shopping cart, please allow the system up to two minutes fully upload your files to ensure delivery of content for your order.

No Docks or Pilings Obstructing Yacht View

Make sure that any submitted photographs provide a clear view of your vessel without docking or pilings to obstruct the conversion of your yacht to digital line art.

Don't worry about people in your photographs

Our graphic artists can easily remove people and other elements that are shown in your boat photo. If you find the perfect picture but it shows you and your guests on board, no problems!

Motors in running position

In order to provide an accurate conversion of your yacht, if the boat has outboard motors, please place the motors in the down/running position.

No Copyrighted or Trademarked material allowed

At Custom Yacht Shirts, we do not print any custom yacht material that contains existing copyrighted or trademarked content in any fashion. Please review our Terms of Service for more information.

Custom Boat Gear Simplified

Quality Boat Art | Dozens of Custom Boat Products | Two Fulfilment Options

An image of a stack of t-shirts with the words Your Yacht Here on them.

Need custom help with your files? No Problem! Get in touch with us!

Have questions about our your files, our products, process or vector line art? Custom Yacht Shirts is happy to assist you today!

Save money on your Custom Yacht Gear

With our on-demand print solution, you get your yacht on the apparel of your choice for far cheaper than traditional screen printing. Skip the screen fees and minimum orders and start showing off your new gear on the hook, or in harbor!

Save Time

With traditional screen printing, turnaround times for custom gear can lag into weeks, especially if you consider art preparation times, screen development, and high shipping costs to deliver your products. With Custom Yacht Shirts, you could have as many shirts as you need, delivered before you leave the dock!

No Minimum Order Amounts

Unlike traditional screen printing, our custom apparel process offers boaters high-quality custom apparel with no minimum orders. Order a variety of sizes in different styles and on different garments to fit your needs instead of sitting on tons of useless inventory from minimum order requirements. 

On-demand to your dock!

Our custom boat gear starts with popular blanks from trusted brands like SportTek, Augusta, Bella + Canvas, Next Level Apparel, and others to provide our boaters with top-of-the-line boat gear that you'll be proud to wear!

Featuring your Unique Boat Artwork

No Additional Setup Fees

No Minimum Orders on your Custom Merch

Personalized Customer Service & Support from real Boaters like you!

Featuring your Unique Boat Artwork

No Additional Setup Fees

No Minimum Orders on your Custom Merch

Personalized Customer Service & Support from real Boaters like you!

Need more info?

Explore some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Or, Contact us today with your questions!

What do you mean by no minimum orders?

Unlike normal screen printing productions, we do not require minimum orders of each product type for your custom yacht apparel. Order any number of your custom gear, from 1 t-shirt to 1,000 coffee mugs, easily and on-demand.

Start your Boat Artwork today or choose from over 50+ custom products in our online store if you've already completed your boat artwork with us!

How long does it take to get my custom gear?

At Custom Yacht Shirts, we work hard to provide a quick turnaround for our boaters.

Our custom boat artwork usually takes us 5-7 business days to complete.

Once you approve your completed artwork, you can shop in our custom boat merchandise store and orders are usually delivered within 1-2 weeks from the date of order.

Where can I see the colors and sizes of apparel that you offer?

For live examples of colors, sizes and styles included in each of our products, the individual product pages within our custom boat merchandise store!

Do you provide front and back printing?


We offer different print placements depending on the apparel you choose that includes: frontprint only, backprint only, small boat art on the front left chest with full boat art on the back, and small boat name on the front left with full boat art on the back.

Please see individual product pages within our store for more information on available print placements and more product info!

For custom orders, please make any applicable notes in the checkout process, or simply contact us for personalized assistance.

Do you provide expedited shipping? What about International shipping?

We currently only provide one shipping option via online ordering. 

However, we are more than happy to assist our boaters with custom orders that include expedited shipping at advanced shipping rates. 

Please feel free to call or email us for more information and one of our team members will personally walk you through a custom ordering process via email and phone. 

I'm having a problem submitting my files to you...can you help?

Absolutely! If you have any problems uploading your files to us in our checkout process, please contact us today on our website, or call 561-203-5756

Will I receive a proof of my completed Boat Artwork?


We want to make sure that you love your boat artwork before you start buying any custom boat gear.

That's why we send you a proof that shows your completed boat artwork with your boat name or stern art and optional hailing port, as well as mockups of your art on t-shirts for your consideration.

If you have edits to your art, a member of our team will help you walk through how you would like to change your design.

Otherwise, when you are ready you can approve your artwork and start shopping for your custom gear in our custom boat merchandise store!

What type of photograph do you need of my yacht?

Our artists draw your art from the perspective that is shown in your chosen photograph.

For that reason, we encourage our boaters to choose a "favorite" boat photo that shows off the character of your beloved boat.

Preferably, boat photos should clearly show the details of your unique vessel. 

Boat photos must also be large enough for details to show for our artists to maximize your boat art quality.

The photo you provide will be the basis of your order and the art we create will be based around the art provided by you in the ordering process.

For more information, please have a look at our photo guidelines page for more detailed information.

Do you offer Free Shipping? What about Returns?

At Custom Yacht Shirts, our boat products are completely custom and cannot be exchanged or returned.

We happily work with our boaters who receive any merchandise damaged on returns or refunds, but cannot accept returns or refunds of custom boat merchandise for any other reason.

If you are looking for a solution for free shipping for your custom boat gear, we offer an Fulfillment Service for your custom boat products that features Free Shipping and Free Returns of damaged goods with an existing Amazon Prime™ Account.

Learn more about our Custom Boat Product fulfillment through Amazon here: Custom Yacht Shirts Amazon Fulfillment Service.

Do I have to do my boat artwork with you to shop in your custom boat store?

Absolutely not!

We are happy to work with your existing boat artwork that you got done somewhere else for either our traditional custom product fulfillment or Amazon Fulfillment service.

However, you must be in our system to shop in our store.

Feel free to contact us for personalized service with your existing boat artwork.

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