Essential Waterproof Bags for Boating: Stay Dry, Stay Happy

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How are you keeping things dry onboard? Try Waterproof Bags for Boating!


It seems obvious…

But what’s the one thing that is consistent with any boating experience?


While a fun day on the water is the goal of any boater, one thing remains constant – the need to keep belongings dry during a day on the boat.

In the boating world, constant splashes, spray, showers and potential rain are always a part of the experience.

The spray and splashes are great when you’re in your swimsuit and looking forward to getting wet.

But it can obviously be quite a downer when the things you need to keep dry end up getting wet.

That’s where waterproof bags for boating are a perfect fit for people on the water.

Waterproof bags for boating are an easy solution to help keep critical gear safe and dry in even the most extreme weather conditions.

They truly are the unsung heroes of a day on the water, providing a dry and secure solution to keep your valuables safe so that you can focus on the activities of the day instead of the safety of your gear.

However, not all waterproof bags for boating are created equally.

Some provide basic protection for your critical items, while other products come with a variety of bells and whistles to make them a favorite for both day and extended trips.

In this article, we explore the world of waterproof bags for boating, exposing some of the top picks for boaters to help make your day on the water much more enjoyable.

We have researched a wide-ranging variety of waterproof bags for boating so that you can save time and effort in identifying the top picks for your boating life.

Our picks offer product suggestions that factor in variables like reliability, features and functions, and of course overall customer reviews to help you make an informed choice when choosing a new dry bag for your boat.

So whether you are planning on a day on the lake, or are headed offshore in search of that next prized catch, join us as we dive into the world of waterpoof bags for boating!

Stay dry, stay happy – it’s time to cast off in search of the perfect dry bag!

Best Overall Waterproof Bags for Boating

An image of the Earth Pak Waterproof Bags for boating available on  

Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

Best Overall Waterproof Duffel Bag

An image of the Earth Pak Waterproof Duffel Bag available on  

Earth Pak Waterproof Duffel Bag

Best Overall Heavy Duty Waterproof Bag

An image of the UNPLUG heavy duty waterproof duffel bag available on  

UNPLUG Heavy Duty Waterproof Duffel Bag

Best Overall Waterproof Bag for Boating

Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

First up on our list of waterproof bags for boating is our top pick for the best overall dry bag.

The Earth Pak Waterproof dry bag is a roll-top waterproof backpack that comes in a variety of sizes and colors and floats to keep your gear high and dry.

Ideal for boating, this waterproof bag is designed to the highest waterproof standard for rugged usage on the water.

Available in six sizes from 10L to 55L, and available in ten colors, this bag is lightweight and compact, featuring an easy-to-use roll-down function that keeps your belongings high and dry.

Best of all, this product also comes with a reliable IPX8 certified waterproof phone case that provides powerful protection for your devices on the water.

With over 25,000 positive customer reviews and a 5-year adventure guarantee, it is hard to go wrong with this powerful solution for your waterproof bag needs.

Have a look at the link below for more information, and available color and size options.

An image of the Earth Pak Waterproof Bags for boating available on

Best Overall Waterproof Duffel Bag

Earth Pak Waterproof Duffel Bag

Next up on our list is our choice for the best waterproof duffel bag.

Also from Earth Pak, this waterproof duffel bag is perfect for boating and travel, providing large storage space in a lightweight and easy-to-use duffel.

Available in four different sizes and colors, this versatile duffel bag provides waterproof protection for your goods that is built to last.

Constructed from high-quality commercial-grade waterproof materials and thermo welded seams, this ideal weekender bag features a large main compartment that is sealed with fold-down technology.

Comfortable, adjustable and removable straps are padded for easy and secure transport on the go.

Best of all, the waterproof design of this product floats to protect your gear with a simple roll and buckle design that is manufactured to keep water out for a lifetime.

The soft and collapsible material ensures easy transport and storage onboard your vessel.

A great option for boaters looking for something waterproof that is bigger than traditional backpacks.

An image of the Earth Pak Waterproof Duffel Bag available on

MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag

Looking for an affordable solution for your dry bag? 

The Marchway floating waterproof dry bag is a great option that is perfect for boaters on a budget

Designed from double-sided PVC with a high-tenacity polyester inner layer and sturdy welded seams, this bag comes with a waterproof guarantee to protect your valuables from the elements. 

Available in five different sizes from 5L to 40L and a variety of colors and patterns, this dry bag can float on water after being rolled and sealed for strong waterproof protection. 

Featuring a roll top closure, boaters can easily waterproof their belongings quickly and easily by sealing the bag, rolling it on itself and buckling the heavy-duty snap buckles to complete the seal.  

With strong welded seams and ultra-tough waterproof ripstop fabric, this is sure to be a favorite on your list for waterproof bags.  

An image of the MARCHWAY floating waterproof bags for boating available on

HEETA Waterproof Dry Bag with included waterproof phone case

The next option on our list of waterproof bags for boating is the HEETA waterproof bag with an included waterproof phone case.

Like other bags that we have featured on this list, the HEETA brand option uses the roll-down and snap functionality to waterproof your belongings while on the water.

Available in over 10 colors and five sizing options, this dry bag features waterproof capability from its thick PVC construction.

The bag is designed with adjustable shoulder straps and a convenient handle for easy transport.

It also comes in a transparent version that allows an easy view of your belongings on the go.

With strong welded seams, durable buckles, and adjustable straps, this bag provides a great portable option that can work as a shoulder bag or backpack.

Best of all, this specific product includes a separate waterproof phone case to help provide another durable layer of protection for your treasured electronics.

An image of the HEETA waterproof bags for boating available on

Unigear Waterproof Dry Bag

Next up on our list of affordable dry bags for boaters is the Unigear brand waterproof floating dry bag.

Another great option for boaters, this bag features 100% waterproof and anti-leak construction made from 500D Eco-friendly PVC.

Designed to be completely anti-leak and anti-tear, this bag has fully welded seams and abrasion resistance for a lifetime of adventures both on and off your vessel.

Available in six sizes from 2L- 40L variations, with 11 different color options, this waterproof bag has a size and color to fit your style and capacity needs.

With its waterproof functionality, this bag will float on the water, making it a great option for boaters who are in need of a bag that can stand up against the wet elements on the water.

 Like other options on our list, the Unigear waterproof bag comes with a separate waterproof phone case to help provide another layer of protection for your phone or smart device.  

An image of the Unigear Waterproof Bags for boating available on

OMGear Waterproof Dry Bag

Looking for a waterproof bag with some flair?

The next product on our list of quality waterproof bags for boaters is the OMGear Waterproof dry bag.

This option provides boaters with some interesting and unique options for their bags with designs that include floral print, zebra print, camouflage, fish designs and more traditional solid colors.

Available in 15 colors and six different sizes from 2L – 40L, this bag is constructed of heavy-duty 500D PVC tarpaulin that is vinyl coated for waterproof protection.

The strong, adjustable shoulder straps allow for easy transport, with larger bag models featuring two straps for easy backpack functionality.

Easy to clean and use, this bag features a similar style of use with roll-down waterproof functionality.

Another quality option for boaters looking for something a little more unique in terms of design than what is offered by other brands.

An image of the OMgear Waterproof Dry bags for boating available on

HEETA 2 Pack Waterproof Pouch, Screen Touch Sensitive Waterproof Dry Bag

Looking for a smaller waterproof bag that doubles as a fanny pack or purse? 

The Heeta 2-pack Waterproof Pouch is a great option for boaters who don’t need a bag the size of a backpack, but are looking for waterproof technology to help protect a limited number of items on the water.

Featuring IPX8 waterproof ratings, the triple sealing protection with three zipper locks and a fold-over velcro top provide waterproof capabilities up to 32 feet underwater for one hour

This waterproof pouch measures 9.0″ x 6.7″ which allows for plenty of room to hold your critical personal items like your phone, sunglasses, passport, cash, etc. 

Manufactured from highly durable PVC material, this lightweight pouch is resistant to scratches and scrapes while on your adventure. 

Another great feature is that is bag includes a transparent waterproof screen that allows you to use your phone while protected through the touch-friendly screen enclosure.

 A stellar option for boaters looking for a waterproof bag solution that is on the smaller side!

An image of the HEETA 2 Pack Waterproof Pouch avaiable on

Earth Pak – Waterproof Dry Bag with Front Zippered Pocket

The next option on our list of waterproof bags for boating is another option from the popular Earth Pak brand.

This waterproof bag is special in that it has a front zippered pocket and comes complete with a waterproof phone case for all of your adventures on the water.

Constructed from commercial-grade 500D PVC, this bag provides high-performance durability and protection for all of your belongings.

When sealed shut this bag floats, while the front zippered pocket provides easy access to your most important items without having to unroll the main compartment of the bag.

Available in eight different colors and five sizes from 5L to 40L, this dry bag comes with a single shoulder strap for smaller models and a double backpack-style strap for larger models.

Best of all, this product comes with two other great additions that include a 5-year warranty and a separate waterproof phone case.

Another solid option for boaters from Earth Pak!

An image of the Earth Pak Waterproof Bags for Boating with front zipper available on

HEETA Waterproof Dry Bag – Professional Version

Next up on our list of essential waterproof bags for boaters is an upgraded, professional version of the HEETA waterproof bag

Featuring many of the same features of the original bag that we reviewed previously, this upgraded version provides some great upgrades for boaters that can help to make this option your choice. 

Designed with professional seamless technology, this dry bag provides powerful waterproof capabilities with its 0.02-inch upgraded wear-resistant PVC material. 

Equipped with rugged, adjustable shoulder straps, this waterproof bag comes in five sizes from 5L to 40L and is available in seven different color styles that include camouflage, floral print, and more. 

This product comes with an included emergency whistle that provides great emergency response capabilities on the water. 

An image of the HEETA Waterproof Bags for boating updated version available on

HEETA 5-Pack Clear Waterproof Dry Bag for Camera & Mobile Phone

Looking for a waterproof solution to store your electronics and other smaller personal belongings? 

The HEETA 5-pack clear waterproof dry bags are a great solution for boaters who don’t need a larger size bag, backpack, or duffel for their adventures on the water but are in need of a way to protect smaller items easily on the go.  

This product comes with three different-sized bags in small (9″ x 5.13″), medium (12.4″ x 7.1″) and large (16″ x 10.63″) options. 

Featuring a transparent design, these bags allow you to use your phone or other smaller electronic devices through the bag without removing them. 

Utilizing multiple seals that include sealing strips and fold-down redundancy, they help to prevent water, humidity and other elements from reaching your valuable personal items. 

Each bag in the 5-pack comes with an included lanyard that you can use as an easy option to transport the bag or tie it to other bags for easy access.  

An image of the HEETA 5-pack clear waterproof dry bags available of

UNPLUG Waterproof Bags for Travel -1680D Heavy Duty Waterproof Duffel Bag

Looking for a bigger and more rugged solution for your waterproof bag?

The UNPLUG heavy-duty waterproof dry bag is a perfect option for boaters who are in need of something bigger and stronger to provide powerful weatherproof capacity. 

Available in two colors and three size options from 65L to 155L, this bag is for serious anglers and adventurers who need to waterproof a larger assortment of personal belongings with the peace of mind of serious waterproofing.  

Manufactured from 1680D ripstop ballistic technology, this bag also features a roll-down zip-top and 8 compression straps for high performance. 

Removable shoulder straps help to create a fully functional backpack design from this bag, with an optional sternum strap providing secure protection and handling on even the wettest adventures. 

Designed with high-frequency welding, no stitching penetrates inside the storage compartments, which provides IP66 waterproof ratings.  

A rugged and professional solution for waterproof storage on your boat. 

An image of the UNPLUG heavy duty waterproof duffel bag available on

Frelaxy Dry Bag 3-Pack/5-Pack, Ultralight Dry Sack

Next up on our list is an option for boaters looking for a polyester dry bag. 

The Frelaxy 3 and 5-pack ultralight dry bag provides lightweight waterproof protection in an assortment of colors and sizes. 

Designed with professional-grade waterproof polyester, these bags feature a fully taped seam and roll-top closure system that has been featured with other bags on our list.

 Manufactured from ultralight 210T high-quality tear-resistant polyester materials, these bags balance the need between lightweight and durability to keep your belongings dry. 

The bottom of each bag features a rectangular base for more efficient packing space and is black in color to help provide resistance against scrapes and discoloring from sitting down. 

A great option for boaters looking for a lightweight polyester option to store their valuables while on the water. 

An image of the Frelaxy DRY Bag available on

Haimont 100% Waterproof Duffel Bag Airtight Dry Duffel Backpack 840D TPU

The final product on our list of essential waterproof bags for boaters is the Haimont 100% waterproof duffel bag. 

This rugged and tough bag is manufactured with 840D double coated TPU and airtight zippers that feature high frequency welded seams. 

Available in 45L size and black in color, this bag comes with a number of features that include:

  • Haul Grip Handles
  • Tie-down Points
  • Adjustable Buckles
  • Internal zipper pocket
  • 3 clear inner pockets
  • and more!

A great option for any boater looking for a sleek and stylish waterproof bag. 

An image of the Haimont Waterproof Bags for Boating available on

How do Waterproof Bags for Boating Work?

Waterproof bags, or dry bags, do a great job of keeping water away from valuable personal items.

These bags are a perfect technology for boaters looking to secure critical personal belongings while keeping them high and dry.

These bags work by creating a waterproof seal that helps to keep water out and your belongings safe.

Some of the ways that waterproof bags work include:

Construction with Waterproof Materials

Waterproof bags are designed and manufactured with specialized materials. These materials include heavy-duty PVC, polyester, TPU and laminated fabric.

Materials are selected based on what will provide durability and waterproofing properties.

Sealing of Seams

The weakest point of any bag is the seams where materials join one another.

In order for a bag to be waterproof, these seams must be sealed to ensure that water cannot seep or leak through.

In waterproof bags, seams are sealed in a variety of ways that provide waterproofing capabilities. Some of these include seam tape, heat sealing, and high-frequency welding.

Waterproof closure systems

Typically the weakest point of any waterproof bag is the entrance of the main compartment.

In order to ensure waterproofing in their bags, manufacturers use either roll-top closures or watertight zippers to make sure that water can’t enter the bag.

As we’ve outlined in our featured products, many bags use the roll-top closure system uses a system of rolling the top of the bag down and then securing it with clasps or buckles.

This system is by far the most popular in waterproof bag construction as it not only helps keep your belongings dry but also creates an air pocket that can keep the bag floating on the surface of water.

While waterproof bags do a great job of keeping things dry, it is important to note that they are not intended to be submerged for any length of time.

Do I need a Backpack or Duffel Waterproof Bag?

As you’ve probably noticed in our list of featured products, waterproof bags come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors.

The most popular versions of waterproof bags include the shoulder strap, backpack and duffel bag design.

Choosing the right option for your boating life comes down to size and functionality.

If you’re a part-time boater with a smaller vessel, getting a shoulder strap smaller bag might be the perfect option for you.

Conversely, if you’re constantly on the water, or in the marine industry, a larger duffel-style bag might be the perfect option for you as you can store more items in the larger duffel-style design.

When choosing your new waterproof bag be sure to consider how you will be using your bag and what your boating life demands in terms of storage space on your vessel.

An image of a yellow waterproof bag on a boat.

Waterproof Bags for Boating Buying Guide

As we’ve outlined in the products and information above, having a good waterproof bag can make all the difference in keeping your personal belongings safe and dry on the water.

With all of the options available on the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed when selecting the best waterproof bag for your boating lifestyle.

In order to help you choose the bag that is best fit for your time on the water, we’ve put together the following buying guide to help provide some guidance on important considerations to be aware of when choosing your next waterproof bag.

Some of these important considerations for waterproof bags for boating include:


Expected Usage:

How will you be using your waterproof bag?

Is it for simple day trips on a small center console?

Or do you need a bigger bag that can store a larger variety of personal belongings for extended trips on the ocean?

Knowing how you expect to use your bag will help to point you in the direction of the best fit bags for your unique lifestyle.


Construction Materials Used:

Before purchasing your next waterproof bag, be sure to consider construction materials as they are not all created the same.

Some of the most popular types of waterproof bag materials include:

  • Heavy Duty PVC
  • TPU
  • Waterproof Nylon
  • Polyester

Selecting a bag that is designed and manufactured with 100% waterproof materials is key in the process of choosing a new waterproof bag, so be sure to have a detailed look at the product specifications before committing to any product.


Sealed Seams:

The next consideration when choosing the best waterproof bag for your boating life comes down to how seams are sealed in the construction of your bag.

Welded or sealed seams are critical in ensuring that water is kept out and your belongings are kept dry when on the water.

Not all methods of seam sealing are equal so be sure to look for high-frequency fully welded seams to ensure the strongest protection from water.


Closure style:

As we’ve mentioned previously, there are multiple ways that a waterproof bag can be closed.

The most popular is the roll-top closure which has owners roll the bag down to eliminate air within the bag before being sealed with a clasp or buckle.

Watertight zippers are also a popular method of waterproofing bags, but you must ensure that zippers are 100% waterproof.

Before committing to a specific bag, be sure to look deeply into how the bag is sealed and what other customers say about the closure mechanism with respect to waterproofing.


Floatability & Buoyancy:

Next up on our list of important considerations for waterproof bags is the issue of floatability.

Since your bag will be used out on the water, and in many cases on the open ocean, it is important to choose a bag that can float on its own when placed in the water.

This is especially important if your dry bag contains emergency equipment that could be needed at a moment’s notice on your vessel.

Look for bags that specifically advertise the ability to float when sealed.

That simple factor can help provide you a better sense of peace of mind on the water.


Size and Capacity:

The next important consideration when choosing a new waterproof bag comes down to size and capacity.

While a pretty obvious consideration, it’s important that you choose bags that are sized to fit all of your belongings on the water.

As we have outlined in this list of products, waterproof dry bags come in a wide variety of sizes from small transparent versions to protect your phone to over 100L duffel bags.

Look into bags that are suited to fit your lifestyle in terms of sizing capabilities.


Attachment and Strapdown Points:

Next up on our buying guide for waterproof bags is the consideration of attachment and strap-down points on a bag.

Since you will be using this on a boat, you never know when having a durable and rugged strap down will come in handy.

Look out for bags that feature tough and durable strap-down points so that you can easily secure your bag with ease on the water when necessary. 


Carrying Options:

How will you be transporting your new waterproof bag?

As we’ve outlined, waterproof bags come with multiple options for easy carrying that include pick-up handles, shoulder straps, and backpack straps.

Choosing an option that provides you with easy transport can make all the difference in a waterproof bag, especially as you cart it on and off of your vessel.



Are you looking for a bag that you can see your phone and other belongings through?

Many waterproof bags feature styles that provide a transparent option.

For many boaters choosing a transparent bag can help by providing a clear solution to see what’s in your bag at any given time.

Additionally, many transparent options come with functionality that allows you to control and use your electronics through the bag itself, which can be a great feature to avoid accidental water exposure to your devices on the water.


Reflective Elements:

Another great feature to look out for with waterproof bags is reflective material and elements built into the bag.

This is especially true on the water where reflective elements can be important in emergency situations.

While not as standard as other features, this can be something for boaters to look out for when choosing their new waterproof dry bag.



Nobody likes a dirty bag!

Another great consideration for anyone in the market for a new dry bag comes down to the ease with which the bag can be cleaned.

Waterproof bags can get especially dirty on boats where humidity, mildew and the elements are significantly more intense.

Look out for a bag that is easy to wipe down and clean.


Cost, Warranty and Custom Reviews:

The final factors in our buying guide for essential waterproof bags for boaters are the normal considerations of price, warranty and customer reviews.

Be sure to factor in which brands stand behind their products and what other people say about the products in their customer reviews.

Considering these factors can help you select products that are built to last a lifetime on the open waters.


As you can see, choosing the best waterproof bag for your boating life requires looking beyond the surface of which bag looks the best.

We hope that this information will help to provide you with more informed and detailed considerations when choosing the best bag for your boat life!

An image of two waterproof bags for boating on a beach.

Final Thoughts on Waterproof Bags for Boating

When it comes to securing your belongings somewhere safe and dry onboard any boat, a waterproof bag is a critical tool in any boater’s arsenal. 

In this article, we’ve explored a number of great options for waterproof bags. 

We hope that the research and options that we have provided in the above list help you narrow down your search for the best waterproof bag. 

Keep in mind that the best option for your boating life centers around how you intend to use your bags, where you will store them and what you need to protect on the water.  

With the right bag, you can explore the waters with confidence that your belongings are high and dry. 

Wishing you luck as you choose the best waterproof bag for your boating style!

Join the discussion in the comments below and let us know which bag worked out best for you! 


Did you like this article? Did it help your search to find the perfect type of boat? Leave us a comment below and join the conversation!

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