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Fun Boat Accessories: Elevate your On-the-Water Experience

When a purchase is made through our links, we may earn a commission from Amazon, West Marine and other online businesses.

You can learn about our content and affiliate policies on this page.

Dive into a World of Fun Boat Accessories

What’s one of the top reasons for getting out on the boat?

Besides the beautiful weather, fun times, fishing, exploring, partying…

For most of us, it’s really all about having fun!

That’s why we put together this list of fun boat accessories to introduce our valued customers here at Custom Yacht Shirts to a bunch of fun accessories you could get to help enhance your on-the-water experience.

In this exploration of some of the cool gear you can get for any boat to help make your nautical experience more full we discover some of the exciting gadgets you can get online today with the click of a button.

From practical essentials to playful indulgences, we’ve tried to put together a list of top fun boat accessories that cater to the different and unique needs of different boaters.

While we hope that we’ve chosen some fun products to show you, this list is by no means exhaustive.

Fun is the name of the game in the world of boating and this article only scratches the surface of some of the amazing boat accessories you can add to your experience on the water.

Let your boat become the core memory of fun in your family’s life.

Welcome aboard, let’s dive in!

Intex Mega Chill, Inflatable Floating Cooler, 35″ Diameter

First up on our list of fun boat accessories is something sure to keep the cold drinks flowing on the water!

The Intex Mega Chill Inflatable Floating Cooler is a really fun way of extending the relaxation on the water for you and your guests.

Designed with five built-in cup holders, two trays and a cooler that holds ice and beverages, this vinyl floating cooler puts the party at your fingertips anywhere on the water.

Best of all, it comes complete with handles and an anchoring system that you can tie off to the boat or link up to other floating toys.

Perfect for a day at the sandbar or anchored up off your favorite beach!

An image of the Intex Mega Chill Floating Cooler available on

WEKAPO Sandproof Beach Blanket

Next up on our list of fun boat accessories is something that any boater can love.

The WEKAPO Sandproof Beach Blanket is a quick-drying, lightweight and durable blanket or oversized beach towel that is perfect for boaters that head to beach areas on the boat.

As a sand-proof and water-resistant blanket, this fun accessory will help you and your family enjoy the sand and sun while not bringing as much of it back onto your boat with you when it’s time to return to port.

Whether you use it on the sand at islands you visit on the boat or put it on the bow for picnic time onboard, this blanket provides great multifunctional use that leaves the sand and water behind.

Best of all, when you’re finished, the blanket rolls up into its own storage bag that is compact for easy storage onboard.

This product also doubles as a potential sunshade, with its corner tie-downs working perfectly as a cover-up on the boat whether you’re anchored up at the reef or throwing back drinks at the sandbar.

An image of the WEKAPO Sand proof beach blanket available on

Earth Pak – Waterproof Dry Bag

Looking for a solid solution to keep your stuff dry on a day on the water?

The Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag is a great solution for boaters that provides great waterproof protection and even floats!

Available in six different sizes from 5L – 55L, and in ten different colors, these dry bags provide years of waterproof protection even in harsh marine environments.

The Earth Pak bag comes with a 5-year adventure guarantee, is lightweight and compact, and easily folds to pack tight in any existing luggage.

This makes it ideal for use on a boat where storage space can be limited and moisture is present no matter what you do!

This particular product also comes with an included waterproof iPhone case to provide double protection for your phone and other small electronics, perfect for any boater.

An image of the Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

Airhead Mach 2, 1-2 Rider Towable Tube for Boating

What’s better than taking your friends out tubing behind the boat?

The laughs, the cheers, the fails! It’s all about fun!

The Airhead Mach 2 Towable Tube is a great addition to your tubing essentials as it allows two guests to sit together on the tube in an upright seat, making the experience much more comfortable for the riders.

This tube features a number of great design elements that help to make it a favorite among boaters.

Some of these include things like a kwik connect tow system, heavy-duty partial cover on the tube, padded handles, and speed safety valves.

The cockpit seating in this tube is great for younger or more timid riders, providing ample handles for a secure and comfortable riding experience.

An awesome way to amp up the fun on any body of water!

An image of the Airhead Mach 2 Tube available on

Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket

Who doesn’t love taking their furry friends along on the boat as first mate?

Having a water-loving dog can be one of life’s epic adventures, but keeping them safe on the water is always a priority.

With the Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket, you can bring your dog along for all the fun onboard with peace of mind.

This dog life jacket is available in a number of different sizes and colors to help you get a perfect fit for your best friend.

Designed in bright colors with reflective accents, the front neck flap helps to keep your dog’s head above the water as they swim, with the two included handles providing a great solution to help lift dogs on and off boats.

Make sure your dog stays safe on any outing on the water by strapping their own life jacket on today!

An image of the Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket available on

Eversprout Telescoping Boat Hook

Next up on our list is a tool that helps make the day on the water more fun by providing a more efficient boating experience.

The Eversprout Telescoping Boat Hook provides a lightweight and durable solution for extra reach on your boat when you need it.

This 3-stage pole extends from 6.5 to 18 feet with a sturdy, durable aluminum design.

Secure flip tabs lock the pole in place at the length that you desire, while the two non-slip EVA Foam hand grips provide secure traction as you use the boat hook for a myriad of regular boating activities.

Included in this product are the adjustable boat hook pole and a super strong, floating boat hook attachment.

Best of all, the boat hook is designed with buoyant materials which are designed to help the hook float for up to two minutes if dropped in the water.

Product is also interchangeable with other Eversprout accessories including scrub brushes, squeegees and other practical boating tools.

An image of the Eversprout Telescoping Boat Hook

FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light Stand-Up Paddleboard

Looking for a way to do some extra exploring off your boat?

The FunWater Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard kit comes with everything you need to have an extra level of adventure on your next day on the water.

This extra durable, lightweight construction paddleboard measures in at 10′ 6″ when completely inflated and weighs 17.6 pounds, considerably less than competitor models.

The 33″ board width provides extra stability for amazing balance capabilities for users up to 330 pounds.

Kit includes inflatable board, adjustable aluminum paddle, high-pressure pump, leash, waterproof bag and three removable fins.

The quick pump system provides a great solution for boaters to setup the board quickly and easily for a day of fun on the water right off the boat without the stress of carrying a normal paddleboard onboard at all times.

Great fun in a collapsible package!

An image of the FunWater Inflatable Paddleboard available on

EXZEIT Waterproof LED Boat Lights

Want to keep the fun going after dark on your boat or dock?

The next product on our list of fun boat accessories provides boaters with more than ample lighting to help shed some light on nighttime activities.

The EXZEIT Waterproof LED Boat Lights provide a 120-degree illumination range for an abundance of brightness.

Perfect for illuminating your cockpit, dock, or other areas of your boat, these compact and bright lights help boaters with a powerful source of additional light onboard.

Best of all these little lights are completely waterproof with a IP68 waterproof rating giving you peace of mind for their continued operation in a marine environment.

An image of the EXZEIT Waterproof LED Boat Lights available on

GoPong Inflatable Beer Pong Table

Ready to take your drinking games on the water?

With the next product on our list you can do exactly that!

The GoPong inflatable Beer Pong Table allows you to take one of the most popular drinking games on the water with you.

This 6-foot floating pong setup includes the game setup and extra cup holders for extra fun.

And when the party is over it doubles as a comfortable floating lounge with cup holders so that one of your guests can recoup after washing down one too many drinks.

An awesome way to bring a little extra fun to the sandbar, island or other boat adventures.

An image of a floating beer pong table from GoPong available on

Sportsstuff Booster Ball – Towable Tube Rope Performance

Tired of having your tube rope constantly slipping below the surface and causing tons of spray?

This towable booster ball from Sportsstuff helps to reduce rope spray and prevent the rope from sinking below the surface.

It also boosts the visibility of your tow rope, making it easier to handle behind the boat.

Reducing the times the rope gets caught underwater can help extend the life of your tube, reducing the stresses placed on the tube and tube cover.

The set includes a 60-foot, 4,100-pound break-strength rope so that you are ready to get out on the water and start having fun right away!

An image of the towable booster from Sportsstuff available on

Docktail Bar Ultimate Marine Cup & Bottle Holder

Next up on our list of fun boat accessories is a great solution for making those refreshing boat drinks onboard.

The Docktail Bar setup is a perfect way to enjoy great drinks on your boat without compromising space and functionality.

This cool boat toy mounts in standard-size rod holders and allows boaters to level the bar at just about any angle possible.

This design features built-in cup holders that hold most bottles and cups from 1.75 liters and smaller. That’s right, it will fit your liquor handles!

Made of King Starboard that is UV resistant, this cool little contraption folds flat for easy storage when not in use.

The package includes the bar, an insert for a cutting board, a Magma brand rod holder mount and all the necessary stainless steel hardware.

A great option for boater who love to take the party with them on the water!

An image of the Docktail Ultimate Marine Bar available on

Boat Gadget – 10-in-1 Boat Tool

Next up on our list of fun boat accessories is this cool little gadget that will help your boating experience in a number of ways.

The Boat Gadget 10-in-1 Boat Tool is the only boat tool you’ll ever need!

This cool tool includes:

  • Safety Whistle
  • Deck Gas Cap Key
  • Gas Cap Crank
  • Drain Plug Tool
  • Bottle Opener
  • Canvas Snap Opener
  • Fishing Line Cutter
  • T-bar Drain Plug Hole Crank
  • and more!

Built to last, this super durable tool reduces the clutter on your boat by providing a tool that replaces the collection in your helm storage.

An image of the Boat Gadet 10 in 1 tool available on

ABFOCE Solar Powered, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

What’s more fun than cranking up the tunes on the water?

Maybe you don’t have any of the best marine speakers, or maybe you’re looking for a portable option that can keep the tunes pumping throughout the day.

Either way, this powerful little speaker unit connects to your phone or other music medium to provide 15 hours of playtime.

Powered by a T83 silicon solar panel, the speaker can keep going in the sunshine, with optional charging solutions on cloudy days.

Best of all, it’s completely waterproof, which allows for easy peace of mind on your boat.

A great solution for boaters who don’t have an onboard marine stereo and are looking for a durable, waterproof Bluetooth sound system.

An image of the ABFOCE Solar Bluetooth Speaker available on

Bestway Hydro Force Tropical Breeze Raft

Looking for a fun accessory to rule the space around your boat on the water?

The Bestway Hydro Force Breeze Raft is a large floating island that provides the ultimate fun for both kids and adults.

This PVC raft comfortably fits up to six people and is designed with a number of amenities to make your day on the water even more fun.

This cool toy features a built-in sun shade to allow your family or guests a great getaway from the sun, built-in seats and cup holders for entertaining and relaxing, and an integrated cooler to store your drinks.

Made from durable, tear-resistant PVC, this kit folds to a compact fit for easy storage and transport before and after use.

Grab lines and included handles make it easy to tie off to your boat to extend your space on the water.

An image of the Bestway Hydro Force Breeze Raft available on

Frigidaire Counter Top Ice Maker

Want to keep those boat drinks cold on your next adventure on the water?

The Frigidaire Counter Top Ice Maker is a fun accessory for boaters looking for a way to easily make their own ice on any day in the sun.

This large-capacity ice basket can produce up to 26 pounds of clear ice cubes per day.

In less than 6 minutes this machine makes bullet-shaped ice and can store up to 2.2 pounds of ice in the included storage basket.

Best of all, it includes a self-cleaning operation that can help keep your unit fresh and ready for a new day on the water.

A great way to help keep your drinks and other things cool and iced on a long day on the ocean.

An image of the Frigidaire Counter Top Ice Maker available on

Magma Marine Kettle Combination Stove & Gas Grill

The final product on our list of fun boat accessories s sure to have you eating good on the water in no time!

This Magma marine grill is a stainless steel propane grill that brings all the comfort of home grilling to your boat.

The waterproof electronic pulse ignition system lights 1st time, every time for quality grilling on the water.

Featuring a swiveling, windproof turbo venturi tube and control valve, this unit eliminates potential blow-outs that can be common with other grills on the water.

The balance hinged lid is made to protect the user by not rolling shut in normal boat action.

An awesome addition to any boat looking for moe fun (and great food!) on the water!

An image of the Magma Marine Grill available on

Final Thoughts on Fun Boat Accessories

As we reach the end of this expedition into some of the fun boat accessories available to boaters, we hope that our research has provided you with some great ideas to crank up the level of fun on your boat!

While we have only scratched the surface of what is available out there to boaters to help make a day on the water more enjoyable, this list includes a ton of great options that are great for boaters of any experience level.

From flat water lakes to the deep blue of the Gulfstream, getting out on a boat is all about having fun.

Whether you are with friends, family, or by yourself, creating fun on the water is why we boat!

As we bid farewell in this article, remember that the pure essence of boating lies not in the destination, but in the fun that you had on the journey to get there.

The right boat accessories can elevate your boating experience, creating memories that can truly last a lifetime.

Wishing you a lifetime of fun on the water!

– –

Did you like this article? Did it help your search to find the perfect boat wax? Leave us a comment below and join the conversation!

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